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When fishing down stream, bright lines have never been a handicap for me, as the fly and leader reach the fish (when target fishing) before the line passes over head; this is particularly helpful on some of the waters that I have fished in the South where the fishing pressure was quite high. Fishing upstream with a bright line has been tricky for me when there are a lot of fish on the surface and the current is swift, as I end up casting ahead of the fish by some distance to get a longer drift (with practice I imagine I could just get the fly and leader over them and have this be effective, however). In these cases, I've found that a subdued or clear line has been more beneficial. Some of the colors I've used in freshwater are chartruese, bright yellow, white, gray, tan, and clear/camo. Of these, I feel more confident with the gray and clear/camo lines; of course, this means that I fish them more...
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