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Originally Posted by CDG
. . . The deer hair on the bugs was so tightly packed and trimmed so it actually resemble cork. I just can't seem to get my bugs to look like that. How do they do it? Is it the spinning/stacking technique? The trimming technique? The deer hair?

Yes, yes and yes, and also the packing technique

Do you know if they were hand-tied? I've bought a couple of pre-packaged bass bugs (Sci-Angler) that were packed very tightly. Try as I might, I could not get mine to come out like the pre-packaged ones. I'm pretty sure they were made by machine, which may explain how they were packed so tightly.

I posted a similar question a while back and got some good responses. Try using the "search" function on this site (search for "deer hair") and you will find that thread, along with lots of other useful info. A few of the guys on this board are quite talented when it comes to spinning deer hair!

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