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That is a good idea, I heard that people are catching a few at Lily Lake. Lily is nice since it is right on the road but that also causes a bit of crowding. I'm heading to the park this weekend to try another lake and will drive past lily getting to the trail head. I'll let you know what i see. I was not aware that the greenbacks are in that lake. I know that the park service has hit some of the lakes with rotenone to kill all of the fish and are reintroducing the greenbacks. It might be better to just let things take their own course. A bit a sad news that you all back east might not have heard. A nine year old boy drowned in RNP this weekend. He fell into the high water near Moraine Park and got stuck under the boulders. We do a lot of hiking and fishing with our kids and news like that really make you realize how fragile life is.
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