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Cheapest and quickest solution....

(prior to going nuts which will inevitably occcur anyway once the two handed bug has been caught but delay mon frere delay)

Buy a 100ft spool of 30 lb braided mono running line (9$).....uni knot to backing...loop @ front of running line.....cut off the head of an old 9-10 weight forward floater or intermediate @ the end of the head where the line begins to get skinny (between 30-40 ft depending on make of line) and attatch a loop to this end.....Loop to Loop, strip off 60 ft of runnning line and by god stretch out that mutha......get the head out of rod tip and let fly....should be good for @ least 85-100 feet once the loop plane is found (ps try letting a bit of line slip into final backcast and drift)

Then go and buy every two hander you can find on e-bay, splice heads from old DT's and spey lines bu some really nice LA reels for those fat floaters (maybe a scandi head or 3, become addicted to laying out effortless 120 ft + casts and get divorced.....

Good Luck
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