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And you shouldn't give up your long 'pole'. They are beautiful also and I admit that a 7wt for summer runs do feel so wonderful, light and effortless. But wait to you fish the cane, the beauty of the slow action, the feel of the swing, the take and the battle it self all become part of your entire body and self. That is something that has been lost in our high tech gear over the years, even all my Winstons as soft and perfect as they are do not match the feel of cane. Untill one fishes cane they could not understand the difference.


That South Bend is not a bad rod so enjoy it. I have one that I found in a basement for a 7 wt and it looks like it had never been used before. I used it only once and took a beautiful summer run on it two years ago and it felt every bit as good as my 1948 Hoolbrook for a 7wt.

One more thing about using cane is that it is mandatory that if you are fishing with a friend that uses one of those long poles he must allways give you first choice of going through every run first. If that long poler does not offer you first through then he is as bubbafied as they come in the fly fishing world.
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