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Oh my lord, now you guys really got me to thinking about this. There are two things I really want to do. One, catch a Chinook with a fly and two, meet that old guy that can dance on the six flag commercials. Just kidding about the old dude.

I know you guys are going to call the Catholic church to have Satin exorcised from me for thinking this, but what if you used the new hollow gel spun spliced to T-14. That would be 80lb test you could cast a country mile with a two handed rod. In 25 seconds you would be at 30 feet. Then put one of those lead assed flies on. At least with the GsP you have no stretch so even at 30 plus feet, you would feel the take. I think that would be the best running line and you could forget about casting from shore, you could never retrieve it fast enough. You would have to have a boat.
Spey casters do it with longer rods

Matt Burke
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