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Very interesting thread!

Just eating up all this talk of experimenting to go deep for Chinook, as I can now rest assured that their are others of you with the same obsession!

I also fished this weekend out of my kayak off the point to the west of Fox Island Bridge. Landed 3 small (largest was 18") blackmouth drifiting a angel hair baitfish pattern in the current very similar to a wet swing in a river. I noticed that the take was 50/50 - half of them coming at the end of the drift, and the other half coming during the drift itself.

I too noticed that there was bait all over Hale Passage, and am hopeful for abundant returns! I have been debating which type of running line to mate up to T-14 heads to fish deeper for Chinook, and would welcome any input on the subject. Have any of you tried this with "lead-ass" baitfish patterns? There was an intersting article about this syle in the past issue of Saltwater Fly Fishing. I am tying some these up to take out to Seiku... hoping for success.

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