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Other Makers....

Sean there are too many other choices to get very specific, however just thinking about it the last few days I have (decided0 that the three rod makers that most of my Cane Nazi fishin buds use in no particular order are:
EC Powells 2 and 3 pieces 9-9'6"

Granger 9' -9'6" (Both Goodwin and Wright McGill)

Phillipsons 9'

The vast majority of these rods are 7wt most labeled as HCH and do handle the modern WF7 quite nicely.
I personaly like to fish the 7wts on the smaller streams where fish over 7 are exceptional and fish over 12# all but none exsistant, they will do the job but sometimes they take a set. The set can be removed so it really isn't a big issue. Bigger fish are easier on the Shooting Stars and there ilk. A 9wt Cane rod is not a wispy little delicate item don't be too shocked if at first you find it a bit heavier than you were anticipating, it will be.
I am headed out in the morning foe a few days and will be taking with me two rods both are 7 wts a 9' Phillipson Powr Pakt 3 piece and a Wright McGill Granger Special 9'6" 3 piece.
There are a lot of similaritys between Granger and Phillipson. Phillipson was a Denver prodigee of Goodwin Granger also of Denver.
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