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caddis hatch

I fished the Mother's Day caddis hatch on the arkansas river just downstream from Salida on saturday. That was my first experience fishing a blanket hatch. The caddis began to come off around noon and continued to emerge for about 3 hours. They emerged in waves as the sun peeked in and out of the clouds. At times there were so many insects in the air it looked like snow was falling. The egg layers came out of the trees at about 5:00 and danced on the water until dusk. We had an epic day catching and releasing fish, most took a size 14 soft hackle trailing off of either a black foam body or an elk hair caddis. Just as the sun set under the canyon wall fish started rising in a foam line straight across the river from where i was fishing. I shot my line and as soon as the fly hit the water a fish pounced on the dry. I battled the fish across the heavy current to an eddy on my side of the river. After about a minute the fish just gave up and i reeled in and released a very fat 14" brown. I tried to pick up the line and realised it was stuck on the bottom, pulling harder i found another brown chewing on my soft hackle dropper. What a way to end the day. I have fished caddis water back east but never encountered a blanket hatch, do they occur on a regular basis anywhere?
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