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trout in Argentina

I just got back from two and a half weeks fishing in Argentina. One week was in Tierra Del Fuego and the other was in Patagonia.
The fishing was incredible on the Rio Grand in Tierra Del Fuego. When the wind was blowing under 20, we were able to fish with floating lines and skate drys and swing small nymphs. As the wind picked up, sink tips were the call, and when the wind was blowing a steady 50, a 200 gr head was the only way I could get off a cast. I fished as light as an 11.5' #6, and up to a 12' #8 2hander. Flies that worked were #12 prince nymphs, #10 green machines, #8 rubber leg Brindle Bugs, and #6 Bitch Creeks. The biggest trout of the week was 23#'s and my best was a 21# male. It got to the point that we were shaking off 3# fish. Anyone who is lucky enough to go should look into fishing Frontiers Kau Tappen Lodge. All of the others had their sports dredging with 400gr.heads, fishing the same pools as us. We didn't catch all our fish on the surface, but some of the more memorable fish would erupt out of the waster, exploding on a little bug skimming across the river.
Fishing in Patagonia was a little bit of a let down after that. I always thought that I could cherish each fish for it's own challenge and contribution to my life, but no...I am ruined. We had nothing but dissdain for the puny 16"-20" trout that we were catching. Well...lets say that it took a day or two to adjust.The water in patagonia is beatiful. The landscape reminds me of the Rockies, the prices remind me of Monaco. This is far and away the most expensive fishing destination that I can think off. This fact made the mediocre fishing not as fun as it could have been. The private water is so slammed by fishermen, that I am convinced the fishing is better on the public waters. In some cases it has to be. Unfortunatly I think that many of the estancia owners are getting a little greedy. If I went again, I would rent a car and fish the public waters around st.Martin. Still, fishing is better than the alternative.
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