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RE:post-partem depression -or- OP pursuit?


I floated the Clackamas on Sunday low and clear. Swinging a sparse tube I was rewarded with one good grab and one maybe. Gin and dry, without the olive could be the phrase of the season. To give you an idea the Cow is at 10.04 the EFL at 319 cfs. I've heard of algae sightings in the shallows, algae growing in March.

While the fabulious weather provides the opportunity to swing a dry line. When the summmer like weather has warmed the normally fridged waters to the mid to upper 40's is a reality. However, swinging light tips grants greater opportunity for lighting to strike. But, hey it is only March, early March at that.

Looking out a little farther I'm wondering about the Deschutes during the summer. What will happen to the White will it be out all summmer? If this summer is a hot one the temps in the lower river may be lethal.

I've got a couple of section that I want to fish this year on the grand Mac daddy of all steelhead and salmon rivers. The Columbia, the low water might actually let me get to a spot I've been eye balling for five years during the lowe winter flows. July swing a two hander on the Big C that should get some looks from the boaters.

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