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Orvis Shootin Star Bamboo

Hey All,

So for my bday this year I am looking at getting a bamboo rod for small stream steelie fishing and am looking at a couple late 1950s orvis made shooting star models. One is 8'6" and the other is 9'. They are both 2/2s and come with 5" removable bottom grips which I like cause I could spey cast a little with them. Been looking for a rod to go with my great grampas 3 3/4 st. george and these may fit the bill.

I have never cast one and they would be bought sight unseen except for some pics I have of them. They both look in perfect shape. I have heard they are supposed to be excellent steelhead rods and was hoping someone on the forum has some experience with these models.

Thanks for any help or other models I could look at. Do not want to pay more than $600 for what would be a fishing rod and if there are others out there I should look at let me know.


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