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RE:post-partem depression -or- OP pursuit?

Well I am in the same predicament (sp?).

Yesterday I spent at Kayak Pt. fishing for sea-runs. Nothing, no bait, no birds, very little sign of fish. A freind of mine did very well there though last weekend managing to catch sea-runs, dollies, coho and blackmouth.

Spring break begins on Friday for me and I am starting to rethink the Coast. I have been wondering about heading over to E. Washington but I prefer the Okanogan (sp?) lakes over the desert lakes and those dont open up untill next month.
...but things are looking up as we are expecting some fronts to move through and provide us with a little rain so most likely it will be the Upper Hoko and the Queets/Clearwater for me over a few days next week. Anyone want to join in?...Im flying solo.
Also anyone fished any of the lakes since the opener?...anyone heading over there?
Ryan S. Petzold
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