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Question Rod Length

Concering rod length:

I would like to know if a 7'6 rod with 5 weight line is a good outfit for panfish and small trout. I would like a rod and reel that is small and light so that I could actually "feel the fight."

How far can a reasonable caster cast a line on a 7'6 rod? 8'6? 9'?

Just to clarify; I was told the shorter rod lengths were for "kids" and for some reason that does not seem true.

When you retrieve the line in the reel, is the reel suppose to make the clicking noise when you retrieve in or is it supposed to be silent when you retrieve in and click when drag is taken?

Also, I've seen some rods where the retrieve is reverse and when retrieve is forward? Is this a preference issue or is there a standard?

Thank you for your time.
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