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I mostly fish the beaches. My favorite tide is the bottom turn, for three reasons. One, quite often it is a high feeding activity time for salmon. Two, as I approach the beach I mentally map the different areas on the beach itself like, eelgrass, rock piles, deep pools, sand bars etc. This info I try to take advantage of as the tide comes in and water covers the different features Three, the water, bait and target species are comming towards you. As opposed to going away with a falling tide. I think these ideas also transfer to boat fishing, my approach is basically the same whether I'm in a boat or on the beach.

Structure, absolutley. I actively target all structure. Second only to bait signs, such as surface activity, birds of prey, seals (evil beasts), and of course my personal favourite . . . jumping salmon.

Have you decided where on the island you would be fishing?

Cheers N I
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