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Fort Pond, Lancaster (Worc. County)

Hey Guys,

Just a report from Worcester County. Dave P. and myself fished Fort Pond in Lancaster this morning. The pond was recieving a lot of pressure by the time we left. Put about half a dozen rainbows in the canoe (all were released). We were using different colored Wooley Buggers. The one they seemed to like the best was one with a black tail, olive body, and chartruse grizzly hackle.

I went by Comet Pond in Hubardston on Friday, pond is still iced in. This was very supprising. Does anybody else have any reports about this weekend?

I have also been to Thompson Basin, part of Wachusett Reservior, but no luck there yet. I talked with a power bait guy, and he said the fish he has caught have been filled with black bodied emergers with what looked like a white head. I am thinking of using some dark dubbing and a bead head to try and match the discription of what he had described, does anybody have any input on what the fish might be taking?

Lots of Backing,
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