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Doc...A BaySide YAK attack sounds like a great idea...Let's do it!

Regarding Sit-Ins and taking gas...
Those silly looking inflatable cones that you place in the snoot and tail of a sit-in are worth their weight in crab meat as they will displace the internal space that would otherwise fill with water in the event of a dump.
By filling as much available space as possible with these inflatables, you make the boat float like a cork...this displacement makes the YAK unsinkable and much easier to deal with since it won't hold nearly as much gas/weight as a boat with NO cones.
Sealed bulk heads are GREAT since they perform the same displacement goal but by filling the space up front as well, a self rescue will be much more user friendly!
There are cones that have side compartments to store dry goods so the space is not wasted...and some that act like dry bags...whatever!
A SWELL and SAVY compliment when outfitting a new boat!
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