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You might want to try a pattern that I use in Scotland when the fish are on emergers. Adapt the colours and size to suit local conditions.

It's simple to tie and works very well over here. The body is dubbed seals fur, slightly tapered from the bend to the eye like a carrot!!!. Behind the hackle(and tied in prior the hackle) is a short length of poly yarn. This acts as a wing and a sighter for the angler. The hackle is 2 or 3 turns of cock,tied at the head only(not palmered) and it's clipped flush with the hook point which causes it to sit in, rather than on the film.

You might want to tie up different sizes and different levels of bulk ie to suit calm or windy conditions. If its calm, the thing will float itself but if there's a wind you should Gink the front section only.

Let me know how you get on


PS Try clipping the underside of your own flies as well. It'll make a difference to their presentation

I hope this helps.
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