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I completely agree with "limit your kill" and just mean to add "limit your catch".

In someplaces catch and release is so popular that people nolonger stop fishing when they have caught their share. When the fishing is good, no-scratch that, when it is easy, some folks brag about catch 50 (and the highest I have heard was 90) trout a day believing that because they were releasing them they were having no impact on the resource and to other fisherman. In my neck of the woods this happens in June when the green drakes and stoneflies are out, then in August all of the guys that bragged about having 50 fish days in June complain that the fishing is really tough and that the few they hooked had hook scares.

I would like to see "limit your catch" be the next evolusion in our sport to protect the very fish we claim to love so much.

I know that this doens't have much to do with your river because it would be very rare for someone to say catch more then a few steelhead a day and your river can handle that. In places like the Gaspe' or in trout fishing or even a great river like the Dean where sometimes the fish go nuts and you can hook a lot in one day it makes sence. I am not suggesting we make laws to the effect but that we all make a personal chioce as to what a daily catch and release limit should be.

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