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This took me a while to bring it down to 8 flies so here goes. In order of confidence in their ability to catch fish they are.

1. Soft hackle wet. My favorite is a weighted # 14-16 hook with a body of peacock herl & 2 turns of webby blue dun hen hackle. Exceedingly simple to tie & very effective.

2. "Drowned" Adams size 16-18, a beat up adams dry fly that suspends 1-2 inches below the surface.

3. Pheasant tail nymph, with or without weight, or with a foam wing case. well may be this one counts as three patterns.

4. Hornberg tied dryfly style with a single wood duck flank feather folded over the top of the hook. This one can be fished dry or wet to imitate fish fry or a caddis. It is particularly effective as a wet fly when it rises to the surface at the downstream end of a drift.

5. Light Cahill dry

6. Black ant fished wet or dry.

7. Aussable Wulff #12-14 for pocket water and as an indicator fly for the soft hackle wet or PT nymphs.

8. A sparse caddis dry fly.

Just missing the cut were black nosed dace, muddler minnow, bead head PT nymph, Prince nymph, Blue wing olive dry & wet, an all white spinner and a march brown dry.

I have to add that I agree with Sully on tying midges. Buy tham at a shop near where you will fish rather than tying them its much easier, and you normally get better info when you spend some money in a shop.
John Desjardins
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