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Getting in and out...

of a sea kayak.

I have been using my sisters kayak the past couple of weekends to get around and I am curious if there is a trick to getting in and out of the boat if you are in water that is a few feet deep. I am assuming that if you were going to paddle in deep open seas that you would wear a spray skirt and learn how to roll to upright yourself. But what if you want to get in and out in say 2-3 feet of water. The compartment is rather small and you need to sit on top of the back of the boat and slide your legs in to get in. No problem in a few inches but a different story in a few feet of water with nothing to hold on to. Any advice greatly appreciated. I have had the boat in my possession for a few years but just got around to giving it a test drive. Great tool for accessing seculuded wading areas for the previously shore bound angler.

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