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This is difficult, condensing fly selection down to a couple for each category....
Your choices are great, I will not repeat but add a couple I find good in each category.

Dry Flies:
1. Compara Duns/sparkle dun - more of fly style than an individual. Vary the color and size to best match current mayfly hatch.
2. Elkhair/deerhair caddis - same as above

Wets (I would call these emergers):
1. soft hackle flies - color and size to match current insect hatch. Particular favorites pheasant tail and hare's ear, these match (well approximate) the color of many of the mayfly and caddis fly insect hatches that occur the first couple months of the season.

1. Prince Nymph - works great, hard to beat the magic of peacock herl
2. Red fox squirrel nymph - started using this years ago following an article by Dave Whitlock, it just works.

1. Crickets
2. Beetles
3. Flying ants

Don't mean to overload you, but I said it would be hard to do....

Greg Smith
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