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Ok time to gear up. I'm no entymologist. My limited knowledge get's me by but I want to expand it slowly.
What are your top 2 flies in each category? Please KEEP IT SIMPLE and short. A complicated discussion of aqautic insectea will be a bore and complicate things further.Give your fly and a short sentence why you use it.

<b>DRY FLIES:</b>
1. Adams- looks like a mosquito, everyone else sells them
2. Brown Caddis- only Caddis color I see in NE Ma. streams

1. Woolly Bugger (black beeded)- works in ponds
2. Green or white Hornberg- Kicks but on Ma. hatchery trout


1. Gold wrapped Hares Ear- all I know, caught a few on it
2. Beeded Pheasant Tail- heard it works


1. Hopper- Someone gave me some, besides- ever read "Big 2 Hearted River"?
2. Ants- someone gave me some

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