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Code of ethics.

Many Salmon rivers in Atlantic Canada have codes of ethics in place. For example on the York and Dartmouth rivers in Quebec, there are signs posted to "Respect the code of ethics. Catch and release 2 fish only". The signs do not say this is the law just that it is a code of ethics. Some rivers have different codes of ethics and some have none at all. I was just wondering if Salmon rivers in other countries have such codes of ethics and what people think of them.

It is my personal opinion that we as sportsman and conservationists need a code of ethics to be credible. How can we preach conservation to Fish Farms and Commercial fisherman if we our selves do whatever we please? Catching just one Atlantic salmon is a great event. I have in the past quit after just one fish if the fishing is slow that week. Give fellow anglers there chance to get a fish and have there fun. After all, greed is what is killing our sport to begin with. Just my 2 cents.

So what do other people think. Let me know.

Thanks Charlie
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