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RE:How about a trout report from YOUR homewaters?

The fishing is only getting better and better here in colorado. We hit a honey hole on the south platte the other day and did ok. The day was a bit overcast which is always a good sign and there was the usual breeze blowing. Upon arriving at the river another fisherman was in a spot that often holds fish so we started about 1/2 a mile upstream from him at some deep plunge pools. The water was low and very clear making spotting fish pretty easy. Other than the odd fish here or there the river seemed empty and for the first hour or so we got skunked. I headed downstream to find the other guy hooking up regularly with a size 20 PT. Armed with that info i headed upstream fishing the seams and holes. I came to a large boulder area and peaked over to the pool just up stream. It looked promising, a riffle flowing into a deep pool with a dark weed bed on one side. Then the most amazing thing happened when the weed bed moved away into the center of the pool, it was a huge school of maybe 100 fish. Once the panic settled and i collected my wits i started fishing. Surprisingly the fish were very selective, i would get a couple of subtle strikes and then nothing, change flies and it would happen again. Finally, a size 18 orange scud started producing when fished to the fringes of the school. Adding 2 spilt shot gave hookups on almost every cast. The fish were mostly browns in the 14-16 inch range, we landed a bunch and lost even more, what a day and what a memory. Cheers
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