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RE:Trout Stocking 2001

The Commonwealth of Massachussetts publishes very few things on wild fish. I've been looking through the descriptions of wildlife management areas for finding off the beaten track locations. This yeilded the following gem.

"-------- -----, a cold water stream with a population of native brook trout runs north to south through the center of the area." The description also includes "It will take some hiking to reach this secluded ---- acre area".

The name & size have been changed to protect those innocent Brookies. I haven't looked through all the descriptions but there may be more to be found.

Terry, I have done well on what I believe are native trout in the white mountain region of NH.
I realize that it doesn't have natives, but I've always wanted to fish the portion of the Nittisset after it exits Silver Lake in Brookline. For some reason I've never done it though.
John Desjardins
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