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Morning Chare

Yes, beats are reserved sectors on a river.

The draws!

This draw takes place November 1 of every year. Resident and non-resident can apply.
You are allowed to register 10 times for 1 river at $ 6.00 / registration. If you are drawn, they will call you three weeks later to choose 2 days for 2 anglers on one or two sectors (beats) of this river. ( 50% of the space available on the reserved sectors are sold through this draw)
The other 50% is sold through the:
48 hr draw
Every morning (during the fishing season) the 48 hr draw takes place. In Gaspé for the York, Dartmouth & S-Jean rivers, it's at 11:00am. You can only register once at $2.00/ registration. If your name is drawn you are allowed 2 rods (anglers) on the sector you won. If you did not win, then you can still fish the
Open waters
The York and Dartmouth offer sectors where no reservation is needed. You can buy a daily pass and fish York Sectors 1-5-7-10 ( presently fish are holding in 5-7- 10) and Dartmouth 1-3-5 ( fish are now holding in 3-5).
As for leased waters, in Gaspé, there are 2 lodges where they have their own private waters, but not the whole river....... One lodge is on the lower York and the other on the upper St-Jean. The rest is all open to public.
Open waters are not free..... cost $ 56.35+tx CDN to fish. If for example you fish York open, you can move around on all sectors, that is, 1-5-7-10. roughly 40 pools to explore.

Photo: York "open waters" June 2004
Have a great day!

Keep'em in the water!!

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