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Trout Stocking 2001

Released February 28, 2001


MassWildlife's trout hatcheries in Montague, Sunderland, Belchertown and Sandwich are
gearing up for the week of March 5, when District trout stocking trucks will start rolling in
for daily fill-ups of brown, brook and rainbow trout. For die-hard trout anglers, Christmas
comes in March when the trucks begin delivering the fish to local ponds and lakes.

According to Dr. Ken Simmons, Chief Fish Culturist for MassWildlife, "It's been a productive
year for the hatcheries. We'll be putting out more than 630 thousand trout this spring and
more than 428 thousand of them will be a foot or more in length. Those are quality fish by
anyone's standards and they'll be reaching local waters the week of March 5th if the
weather cooperates."

Each of MassWildlife's five regional Districts will be drawing on an average allocation of 125
thousand fish for spring stocking. The contact information is as follows:

Northeast District
Peter Jackson
Southeast District
Steve Hurley
Central District
Lee McLaughlin
Conn. Valley District
Dave Basler
Western District
Andrew Madden

District offices will provide stocking updates by phone while the statewide list of stocked
trout waters and weekly stocking summaries will be posted on the agency website at

More than half of the fish scheduled to be stocked are rainbows (361,620) with browns
(194,200), brookies (72,380) and tiger trout (2,500) rounding out the field. Truck access,
ice, weather and water conditions will dictate exactly where and when the trout are
stocked so check with the Districts for the most current information. Rivers and streams
will begin receiving fish when water levels are suitable. For more information, contact the
nearest MassWildlife District office.
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