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RE:Correspondence RE: Protecting the Peninsula Native Runs

There seems to be some very faulty logic going on, or maybe it's simple denial, when the agency claims to be managing for sustainability and erring on the side of conservation, yet frequently fails to meet their own escapement goals. The MSY philosophy WDFW uses to set harvest rates simply does not allow for the big swings in productivity that are always going to come with year-to-year changes in snowpack, streamflows, and ocean
conditions. Yet they manage for the "average" year until there's a crash. Then they close it down hoping that enough fish remain and the environment improves to get back to that only-sometimes-sustainable MSY run-size.
This kind of management has already allowed for a number of lasting fishery crashes ... I hope we're not witnessing one right now.

Hell, the North Sound fish have just shown them that even in the presence of catch and release seasons in March-April the populations can plummet. Yet there's still room for harvest on the Peninsula? Huh?
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