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RE:Correspondence RE: Protecting the Peninsula Native Runs


I agree 100% with your point.

There are, i would argue, a percentage (you, me, the rest of this board's readers, the WSC members) that would release wild fish on the OP rivers based on our own beliefs about wild steelhead conservation. Hell, just ask any long-time guide about how the fishing was in the 70's in the Hoh and I guarantee you'll get some outrageous stories! The fishing over there isn't near what it could be. The populations may be sustainable at this level, but not with any safe margin of error.

But to many what we're doing is like still driving at 55 MPH after the limit has been raised to 65! They (the Fish Police) told us it's OK - so what's your problem???

They (Curt & Co) talked about planning for the Worst Case Scenario in many aspects of their fisheries management, but they sure don't seem to be doing it on the Peninsula!
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