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As I do more research on this topic, I've found the following advantages of sink tips over full sinking lines:

*More flexible (with interchangeable tips)
*Easier to cast (or at least to pick up off the water)
*Easier to see a strike when drifting a nymph (can see end of floating part of line move)
*Easier to mend
*Can be used to make a large floating fly dive and return to the surface

On the other hand, the full sinking line seems to have an advantage in three areas:
*Gets down deeper for a given line type (i.e., type 6 full sink goes deeper than type 6 sink tip)
*Doesn't hinge when casting
*Makes a straighter line from rod tip to fish, making it easier to feel strikes and make hook ups

Any other advantages/disadvantages to add to this list?
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