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RE:Correspondence RE: Protecting the Peninsula Native Runs

Hey Juro--

Very interesting correspondence--I agree with your points, and share your disappointment in the response, which basically seems to make the assumption that "everything's gonna be fine." A familiar attitude with results we have all seen. One other point I would like to make is that when the state says it's okay to kill wild fish, I think a lot of anglers then think, "well, it must be a healthy run out there, so it must be fine to kill a fish or two." Even law abiding, well-meaning Sound area anglers who obey the C & R where it's instituted are then given the wrong idea, and will mistakenly feel fine about harvesting a few. I guess that's one of the faults I see in the assumptions Lew made in his response. Do you guys think this is a good point? I mean that the state is not only condoning, but encouraging people who don't usually take fish to do so? What are your thoughts?
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