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After many frustrating years of trying to match that midge hatch I started reading,and experimenting with emerger patterns.I learned that the emerger could be a different color than the adult.I learned about the midges life cycle,larva,pupa,and adult.In the spring, at the ponds in question ,the pupa are easy pickins.They hang in the film for a before flying away.Kauffmanns midge emerger[check out his catalog, this fly is pictured in it.] looked like the ticket.I tied this fly in a multitude of colors,and went out in my tube to try them out.Nothing until I tied on a claret bodied offering,size 16-18.I caught one after another until I lost the fly.This pattern is deadly on an overcast morning.I use a very long leader 15-20 ft, cast to the rise, and just move the fly very slowly.In the fall trout will take the adult,but in the spring ,this emerger is deadly.Read Brian Chans book for other stillwater tctics.

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