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In <i>Standing in a River Waving a Stick</i> Gierach describes a recent season when the Colorado state hatchery guys released a whole slew of fish close to his home in Lyons that were infected with Whirling disease -- proof enough that bureaucratic incompetence can overcome even the best practices on the part of anglers.

But Gierach found the silver lining: while the rainbow fishing sucked that year, the brown trout fishing was better than it had been in decades. Crowds were down because not every pool held stockers and the browns started behaving more like wild fish. He describes it as fishing "the way it used to be." He went on to describe how the rainbows eventually recovered and things returned to normal.

Gierach takes the philosophical stance that the world is essentially made of $hit and that horrible things are bound to happen on a daily basis, and the best good people can hope for is to be pleasantly surprised by an exception to this rule.

I can't agree with this enough! Sometimes you gotta stop and smell the brown trout
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