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RE:Native fish

I have been known to be pretty vocal about this topic...

The F&G policies we have are driven by the mentality of the sportsmen, which is in turn driven by the F&G policies... it's a vicious circle.

Hatcheries think about production of biomass to feed harvest-centric sportsmen. Sportsmen see what it's all about and become harvest-centric. It's happened so long that generations have passed on this mentality to their children, and fisheries management lost sight of the welfare of the species*. How do we break out? Well, questioning the process is a damn good start. Sportsman's awareness of the difference between wild trout and put-and-take gratification would also help. In retrospect, I am not so sure that my talking down on hatchery fish isn't an attempt to create distaste in angling circles for the pellet pout. Wonder what a shrink would say?

The suggestion is awesome!

<font size="1">* for instance, stocking several thousand large hatchery trout in a stream where wild trout alevins and fry are living has been proven to dramatically reduce the surviving wild fish through predation, competition for forage and territory.</font><!--1-->
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