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Doing river floats many words and phrases come to mind of those one see's on the river. All in good fun of course and I'm sure they all have names for me.

1) Hey, looks like our Canadian friends are going to beat us to the run again!

2) He's got to be a republican dressed like that!

3) Group fishermen are just behind us. Maybe we better skip this run coming up and get the better one around the bend.

3A) Must be one of the big D's classes.

4) Hey what's that guys name, don't we know him?

5) "Christ" that guy can cast!

6) "God" that guy needs a hit of scotch he casts sooo bad.

7) There is your friend, Angie.

8) metrosexual

9) I think it's Plunker.

10) One I never get to say. " Your catching like SS today!":hehe:
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