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RE:Whirling Disease

As usual, another interesting topic. I agree with Labrax about cleaning your waders with a 1/5 bleach and water mix.
Interestingly enough countries like Norway require you to bring new waders if you travel from north america. When I travelled to Patagonia last year I bought a new pair of waders. No way I would take any of my neoprenes and nylon waders used in the northeast to those waters. Argentine and Chilean fly fishers are also quite aware of the existence of WD in North America and urge visitors to clean their waders and boots or bring new waders.

With regards to wild/native/hatchery trout I believe we should try to manage fisheries for wild and locally native fish, and leave the hatcheries for sterile places. Unfortunately the gene pool of the great species like steelhead and atlantic salmon are already quite diluted. Fish farms only belong "inland", which is the only sure way of avoiding escapees through floods or damage to containment nets.

One other aspect that remains contentious is what makes a native fish. We know that salmonids are not native to south america, for instance, however, they've thrived on their own for nearly 100 years now. Should the fact that they're not native be a good reason to eradicate them? I think not. Local fisheries have decided to protect other less glamorous but truly native species like the south american perch.

On the other hand, I do agree that introduction of atlantic salmon, brook trout and lake trout in waters out west risk the viability of wild native steelhead, cutthroat and perhaps golden trout and this type of action should be repelled vigorously.

I really enjoy this thread. Keep it going.
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