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Politically Incorrect Question

The whole Golden Bone thing gave me many laughs But I can't stop grinning over the thought of one specific refrence. At one point Sinktip refers to "Gypsies" as in travelling fishers. Further to this point it is a well gaurded secret that one BC fly club's unofficial moto is "get the f*%! off my river"

Now we all realize that "locals" are just a bunch of rednecks that can't get their act together long enough to go anywhere. With that in mind I was wondering. . .

What other names do we use to describe those seasonal "guests" on our home waters?

The 2 I have been fond of are . . . krackers and "Dime Bag Fishermen"( you know, the guys who hoot and yell to the point where it's just embarrassing) The latter being a satire of a really bad canadian fishin' show.

So fess up and protect yer hole:hehe: N I

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