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Turns out the bay in front of our weekend house is swarming with sea run cutthroat. This would be Alsea Bay down by Waldport on the Oregon coast.

Since the steelheading has been pretty bad down there for the seaon, I've been trying to find out how to temp the cutts and have been having some fun with them. This is a 100% C&R fishery, so not too many folks try for them down here and there's abundant opportunity to experiment without feeling crowded.

So far, I've hooked about a dozen, but every one has come off. The estimated size range on the ones I've had on long enough to estimate ranges from about an ounce to probably two pounds. Most of my action comes near the change from low low water to incoming flood. The fish seem very surface oriented, and my next experiment's going to involve dries.

Has anyone else fished sea-run cutts in the spring in Oregon? Any advice to share?


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