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I had trouble holding the line with the middle finger as Juro describes. Whether I misunderstood or just poor technique the line always ended up sliding under finger at the joint. I have had better success with the index and middle finger pinching the line against the cork.

I too had alot of timing problems due to years of single hander only casting techniques. I found that I had slow down alittle and to start reversing direction alittle sooner due to the lag in response from the rod's additional length. Or to say it another way the line had already straightened and unloaded the rod somewhat before I would stop and reverse direction. Watch you loop, line end and timing.

I like Juro's suggestion of using the lower hand in this manner. push out from center of body out with lower, then bring into center. I like my other hand high on the grip at about shoulder height pushing out and forward.

I found the Wulff line to be the most forgiving to cast with the Atlantis so far with my limited experience. I also spent alot of time just working out the best technique with the head always at the same location each time to establish a datum or place of reference. Later you can work on slipping more line into the backcast as you technique and timing is refined.

Hope this help give another perspective on improving your two handed casting technique.

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