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Hen's teeth

Yeah, these buggers are rare. I actually just found someone who has some, but they ain't cheap.

The day I luck into a fly shop with a box of size 32 mustads just laying around is the day I am struck dead :hehe:

I am matching a flourescent white midg-y thing that has been hatching so much that it looks like someone sprinkled cork dust on the little stream. The trout go wild for it. They won't touch my #26 grey-wispy nor my Tiemco #32 grey whispy. I see them rise and just take a mouthful of the little things.

I think perhaps a #10 White Wulff is actually the answer

I also like tiny flies. I need a reason to use my 12x tippet.

You comment about using only part of the shank is really excellent and I'm going to try it.

I DO think that mustad makes a true 28, but my TMC 32s are about a true 28 in size.

Hey, thanks all for the help. One day when I need to match a hatch of ermines, I'll perster you about the 10/0.


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