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RE:11/18 Indian Head

Steve -

How big was the salmon? You can usually tell they've been in salt by the brightness of the scales and the whiteness of the fins. This only works for a little while though, they turn dark after a while in fresh as you probably already know. Salter fish are generally more streamlined and have better body tone than brood raised in tanks - meaning shaped like small war submarines with sharply positioned fins instead of tadpoles. Brood fish have fresh concrete burn on the bottom of their tails. As the fish's stay lengthens, their condition deteriorates and it gets harder to guess their origin.

The meat is another big indicator - unless hatcheries are using commerical farm-raised salmon pellets instead of typical hatchery pellets, the meat will be pale and pasty. Open ocean fed salmon will have the prized red flesh they are known for.

Cool that you caught it though!

Powers -

I won't fink if you won't fink on me! I know there is a hatchery called the Blue something or other on Barnstable Creek, very close to Scortons, that is a private trout hatchery on Cape Cod. The owner's name is Mike. He claims searun brookies nudge up from the bay all the time. He also says the brood he raises came from the brook. It's right down the road from the former location of the Fly Shop of Cape Cod, just southeast of where Barnstable Creek crosses 6A.

So was it a private hatchery dumping trout into the brook???
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