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Originally posted by DickIvers

There are many questions/problems too numerous to mention here. I think the biggest difficulty for non-spey casters is the use of the lower(left) hand. The fingers on that hand must release and regrip line as well as move the rod. Unless you play the saxaphone this is hard to do.
Dick -

Try this:

Forget bottom hand line handling for now, let's use the top hand instead. Raise the middle finger, put the line under, then close. This puts the line against three fingers. Everything else goes into the basket.

To slip a little line, ease the middle finger. To stop, grip. To shoot, flip the bone.

Let's rewind...

I. Use only the head of the line. Pick it up, lay it down. Make everything smooth and straight. Easy.

II. Then go to a false cast sequence. Pick it up, false cast a few times, watching for the loop to track straight from back to front with bare minimum power. If you went any slower, the loop would fall to the ground. Make sure the elbow of the top hand/arm is bending on the way back, and the rod does not dip down backward when you kick the rod butt out. The rod tip tracks in a slightly convex path within the same plane, out to the side slightly so the loop passes by you like a sidecar on a motorcycle, but not on the ground of course.

OK, now we'll cast. Do II again, keep things smooth and straight. On a good feeling forward cast, accelerate a little faster and pop the bent elbow straight forward while pulling the bottom of the rod inward. Keep everything in a straight line. That should give you an effortless 85-90ft.

To go beyond that point, we add (a) drift to extend the stroke and (b) a little slip of line to extend the line not to mention more acceleration and a harder stop. We'll save that for next time.

Where do you live / work?
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