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RE:11/18 Indian Head

Terry, there's stocking and then there's stocking, at least as near as I can figure. The state will always say "we've put xK catchable brookies and yK catchable browns in these waters...", and there's the official stocking list I referred to above.

On the other hand, they grow trout on farms where they don't know exactly what the harvest will be, and at the end of the growing season they may have too many fish. It costs money to feed fingerlings over the winter and it may play into next year's plans and budgets. I learned this by running into a stocking truck way upstream at Scortons (Jones Ln.) about this time of year, maybe two or three years ago. They put some ungodly number (50K?) of fingerling brookies into the system with some faint hope that they'd live and a more general sense that they had to get rid of them. That was, btw, a really good year for holdover stripers in Scortons. Some of the fingerlings I know didn't acclimate, because I saw them dead a few days later. Many undoubtedly fed winterover stripers. Maybe, though, maybe a couple lived and thrived and returned after a summer at sea. That would be good.

That's why I'm curious about my 4-7" blue browns. (I caught two more today, but I hesitate to post that now that Juro works with me. Never helps to have someone know you're playing hooky.)

Juro: no clue as to water temps. I don't do the stream thermometer thing. Today's two fish were on a muddler and a dry, respectively.
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