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Dennis -

Glad to hear you got home safely. Those clear cold water 12wt intermediates sound like a very nice match. I will contact Doug Cumming over at Wulff to get my hands on some.

Also, the Airflo 12wt clear intermediate full lines are very nice although it would be nice to have a visual mark at the junction of the head and the running line. They are easy to find as they are not discontinued. I have a feeling that the Wulff 30ft head is the nicer match, being shorter yet very well behaved when in the air.

Had another talk with Tim Rajeff and am really hot to try the striper 2-hander lines. One is a clear head with blue intermediate low-stretch running line, the other is a fast sinking DI-9 with color change, both in the Atlantis preferred grain range and 30 ft easy roll head lengths with 120ft of running line. These tapers are essentially designed to deal with high line speeds so that the loop form stays pretty even when slicing wind or waves.

I am also playing more with the Rio Scandinavian heads, after watching Simon Gawesworth rocket the line into the next time zone I was enlightened that I am just scratching on the surface of what good technique can give back to me over time, with practice.

Per my earlier post - please do like the spey dudes do and tape at least the top ferrule. It's far enough away so that you don't check it often enough, so the best approach is to tape as if you were spey casting.

Here is a search link to the topic from the Speypages Discussion Area (taping ferrules).
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