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Hey Ryan,

Well, I've recently become reacquainted with my original Steelheading tutor from years past - he's a saltwater flyfishing named Leland who does a lot of fishing in Puget Sound. He developed a saltwater slider (foam-head surface fly) that works fabulously for Sea-Runs and Silvers off the beaches. It's even good for the Searuns right now - they're very surface-oriented and it's a blast when you get one to boil on your popper on a cold winter day.

I've fished with him on several south sound beaches - the Narrows most of all - and have been amazed at it's effectiveness. If I can't have steelhead, then any fish that will strike a surface fly in winter is a nice consolation prize. The tide changes are the time to fish for them, and I advise caution if you're planning to take your tube out there!
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