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I'm a baaddddd trout man

Last Sunday was my day. I had a plan to hit a few of my favorite South Shore trout ponds with my kick boat.

I woke up, it was sunny & calm, I took my time to spend the morning with the family. By the time I was on the road I estimate the wind was blowing around 15 - 20. So I hit my favorite pond figuring the smallness of it would offer me some protection from the wind.

It offered some protection & no surface activity. After tossing a nymph & dropper nymph around for a while I got frustrated & headed over to the spot where I always started my bass fishing forays.

I'm thinking to myself, "This is not right, this is heresy! Aw what the hell, you have to try."

Tie on the popper, pop - wait, pop pop - wait.... SLAM! I miss the set. Cast pop - wait...SLAM. Landed a nice little agressive largemouth on the 4 weight & called it a day.

Not very sporting eh?

I'm sorry I missed Al's (you know, the bamboo man) email re: hooking up with him.

We'll see what happens tomorrow.

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