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Question Evinrude 3.0 hp Lower Unit Problem?

My 1994 Evinrude 3.0 hp has a problem. If I try to run the motor above half or 3/4 throttle the motor revs out but the prop doesn't. It acts the same as when the prop gets fouled with weeds even when there are no weeds. I bought the motor new and this just started happening last year (right after I ran up onto a sandbar ).

The shear pin is fine, and I replaced the rubber insert in the prop hub in case that was slipping but that didn't help. I marked the parts in the prop hub to see if there was slippage but the marks stayed aligned so it isn't slipping there. I wonder if the gears in the lower unit are shot, but it seems like I would hear some horrendous sounds if that were the case. Is there some sort of clutch that might need replacing? Is it better to replace the entire lower unit? If so, is that a job that I can do myself?

FWIW, the guy at the marina where I bought the motor could not diagnose the problem from my description and I am hesitant to bring it in for "exploratory surgery".

Thanks for any and all info!

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