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RE:No coffee, but a rainbow at Whites


I got basically the exact same information from my "Audubon Field Guide to New Engalnd", but this hunt&pecker was too lazy to type it in! Some notes. Diving on fish was an absolute give-away that it was an Osprey. This bird did not have a 5'6" windspan, so it was most likely Juvie, which means that its markings were not as distinct as an adult (Al's point). It was really cool watching this bird operate. As the sun roze over the eastern treeline, the shallow water on the west side of the pond was illuminated with sunlight. This sunlight, I believe, allowed the Osprey to see down into the water & dive on fish. IronMike says there are a lot of sunfish in there. We didn't see the bird take anything Large, so I assume he had a sunfish breakfast.

Peregrine Falcons are rare around here, but we do have one on base (Hanscom); it sometimes perches on top of the tall lights around our parking area & I've gotten a pretty close look.

It's cool to observe nature & this time of year we can even take a moment or two & discuss it some. Thanks.
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