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Re: It's a toss up

Originally posted by Moose
Easy on the Jake brake Peter!
Tell me about it.

Greg and John were about 150 yards away and I was yelling to them that the fish had gone behind them. Initially, it ran straight at them but she probably saw them and veered off toward the inside of the bay. Had she headed out instead, I wouldn't have had to lean into her and probably would've had a better shot at landing her. I still had about 100 yards or so of backing left on the reel so I was OK for a while. Wish I had gotten at least a look. There's a channel running down the far side and I think she got into that.

The boys couldn't see which way she was going so they really didn't have any options -- they couldn't of gotten out of the way in any event.

BTW, the Atlantis worked beautifully on this big fish -- I highly recommend it as a big fish lever.
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